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Monster Hunter Original Soundtrack

Monster Hunter Original Soundtrack

Monster Hunter Soundtrack Book モンスターハンター サウンドトラック ブック
Release DateJun 24, 2004
Artists Masato Koda, Mitsuhiko Takano, Tetsuya Shibata
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPlayStation 2
GamesMonster Hunter
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2To the Adventurers...
4Lands of Full Harvest
5A Glint in the Eye -The Hunted-
7Burning Wind
8MONOBLOS/Crimson Horns
10A Hero's Return
11Beyond the Fog
12GEREIOS/Poison Mist
13Land of Small Stones
14GRAVIMOS/A Crack in the Earth
15The Great Waterfall
16LIOLEIA/Rhythms of the Ancient Past
17Reparations for an Error
18Preparations for the Last Farewell
19The Moving Mountain of Sanctity
20March for the Heroes
21Last and Decisive Battle
22 Lone Wolf
23Beneath all the Stars in the Sky
24Song of an Old Tale
25At the Pub
26Scat Cat Fever
27A Day in Town
28Leather Boots and the Throng
29Burned It Good!
30An Hour's Rest
31The Gathering
32Proof of a Hero
33The Time has Come
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