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Sdorica: Mirage Original Soundtrack

Sdorica: Mirage Original Soundtrack

Sdorica -Mirage- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Release DateJun 2, 2021
ArtistsChamber Chu
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone
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1Breaking Dawn
2Rei's Smile
3Call of Sdorica
4Puppy's Pace
5Fighting Puggi
6Bad Intentions
7Gone Astray
8Ready for Challenge
9Bizarre Realm
10Blazing Sun
11Wonderland Trials
12Comrades Come
13Warfare from Void
14Blazing Sun (Violin Ver.)
16Mirage (Title Ver.)
17Blurred Distance
18Exotic Invitation
19Warrior Rondo
20Fighting Spirit
21Daily Leisure in Circus
22Preparing the Show
23Show Start!
24Dragon Sect
25Lurking Darkness
26Sacrifice Arena
27Desert Palace
28General Raserk
29Poem of Regret
30Serpent Bone Temple
31Oasis Casino
32Thief of the Gleaming Star
33Dark Sewer
34Secret Laboratory
35Devious's Ambition
36Will of Guard
37Chimera Blade (Duo Ver.)
38Trial Monster
39Chimera Blade (Solo Ver.)
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