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Battle Garegga Complete Soundtrack

Battle Garegga Complete Soundtrack

バトルガレッガ コンプリートサウンドトラック
Release DateDec 30, 2016
ArtistsAyako Saso, Hayato Matsuo, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Kenichi Koyano, Manabu Namiki, Shinji Hosoe, Takayuki Aihara
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsArcade, PlayStation 4, Sega Saturn
GamesBattle Garegga
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Rebellion [OPENING]
2Coin ~ Start
34:71am [SELECT]
4Fly to the Leaden Sky [STAGE1 - VALLEY]
5Underwater Rampart [STAGE2 - PLATEAU]
6Tunnel Vision [STAGE3 - FACTORY]
7Degeneracy [STAGE4 - PLANT]
8Subversive Awareness [STAGE5 - CLOUD]
9Megalomaniac [STAGE6 - BASE]
10Marginal Consciousness [STAGE7 - AIR PORT]
11Stab and Stomp! [BOSS - AIR]
12Thrust and Thrash! [BOSS - SURFACE]
13Erupter [BOSS - LAST]
14Fatality [GAME OVER]
15Bluescape [RANKING]
16Blood Brothers in the Dawn [ENDING]
17Rebellion [OPENING]
184:71am [SELECT]
19Fly to the Leaden Sky [STAGE1 - VALLEY]
20Underwater Rampart [STAGE2 - PLATEAU]
21Tunnel Vision [STAGE3 - FACTORY]
22Degeneracy [STAGE4 - PLANT]
23Subversive Awareness [STAGE5 - CLOUD]
24Megalomaniac [STAGE6 - BASE]
25Marginal Consciousness [STAGE7 - AIR PORT]
26Stab and Stomp! [BOSS - AIR]
27Thrust and Thrash! [BOSS - SURFACE]
28Erupter [BOSS - LAST]
29Fatality [GAME OVER]
30Bluescape [RANKING]
31Blood Brothers in the Dawn [ENDING]
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