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New Super Lucky's Tale Original Soundtrack

New Super Lucky's Tale Original Soundtrack

New Super Lucky's Tale (Original Video Game Score)
Release DateAug 28, 2020
ArtistsAaron Brown, Chad Seiter, David Chow, Romain Gauthier
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4
GamesNew Super Lucky's Tale
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2Heavy Heads Intro
3Heavy Heads
4Introducing Master Mittens
5Foxhole Found Beneath
6Foxhole Complete
7The Big Golem Awakens
8Level Complete and Tally-Up Jam
9Sky Castle Hub
11Collect a Hidden Page
12Go Fetch
13Sparky's Chase
14Costume Shop
15Dungeon Run
16Sliding Blocks
17Boss Door Opens
18Boss Battle Intro to Master Mittens
19Kitty Litter Boss Battles
20Sky Castle Hub Restored
21Onto the Next World
22Introducing Tess
23Veggie Village Hub
24Piggy Peril
26Egg Roll
27Ripe Rollers
28Harvest Festival
29Pungent Paths
30Boss Battle Intro to Tess
31Introducing Buttons 'n Fluffy
32Wrestful Retreat
338-Fold Path
34Melon Madness
35Ladder Match of the Mind
36Operation Pointy Thing
37Operation Pointier Thing
38Operation Pointy Elevator
39Boss Battle Intro to Buttons 'n Fluffy
40Introducing Meowmalade
41Gilly Island Hub
42Securing the Talent
43Foxhole Groove of Gilly Island
44Yeti Kong Challenge
45Soggy Boggy Island Jam
46Trapped In Paradise
47Three Cannon Salute
49No More Pirates!
50Introducing Jinx
51Hauntingham Hub
52Carnival Court
53Carnival Booth Raceway
54Carnival Booth Shooting Gallery
55Carnival Booth Whack-A-Mole
56Carnival Ferris Wheel
57Spooky Train
58Grave Awakening
59Boss Battle Intro to Jinx
60King Cat Scratch
62Soggy Boggy Boys Performance
63Welcome to Foxington
64Foxington Hub
65Sonata In Chrome
66Wrestful Mania
67Ch1p's Ch1ptun3
68He Is a Switftail After All
69Trailer and Title Screen
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