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Technosoft Music Collection:  Thunder Force I & II

Technosoft Music Collection: Thunder Force I & II

Technosoft Music Collection - サンダーフォース 1 and 2 -
Release DateFeb 24, 2002
ArtistsKei Takanishi, Technosoft
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Arrangement, Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, Sega Genesis
GamesThunder Force, Thunder Force II
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Thunder Force! (-Voice-) ?X1?
2Main Theme ~Guillaume Tell Overture~ ?PC-8801mkIISR?
3Boss Theme ?PC-8801mkIISR?
4Stage Clear ?PC-8801mkIISR?
5Game Over ~Guillaume Tell Overture~ ?PC-8801mkIISR?
6Name Entry -Ranking 1st- ?PC-8801mkIISR?
7Name Entry -Ranking 2nd or lower- ?PC-8801mkIISR?
8Tan Tan Ta Ta Ta Tan (Loading)
9Attention (-Voice-)
10The Wind Blew All Day Long -With Voice- (Opening)
11Super Version Tan Tan -With Voice- (Configuration)
12Knights of Legend (Stage 1: The Planet Nepula)
13Mission 2 (Top View Clear)
14A Ray of Hope (Side View Slow Speed Stage)
15Warning (-SE-)
16Big na Okata 1 (Stage 1 Boss)
17Stage Clear -With Voice-
18Exceed (Stage 2: The Underground City)
19Cruise Control (Side View High Speed Stage)
20Big na Okata 2 (Stage 2 Boss)
21A Cloud of Dust (Stage 3: Wasteland)
22Big na Okata 3 (Stage 3 Boss)
23Take Strict Precautions (Stage 4: Deeper Inside The Planet)
24Big na Okata 4 -With Death Agony Voice- (Stage 4 Boss)
25Illusion (Stage 5: Ancient Ruins)
26Humanoid Hunter (-Voice-)
27Big na Okata 5 (Stage 5 Boss)
28An Irrevocable Dream (Stage 6: The Ultra Combat Weapon Fortress Preareos)
29Big na Okata 6 (Stage 6 Boss)
30Finale (-SE & Voice-)
31Take off One's Gloves (Ending)
32Orn Emperor (-Voice-)
33Game Over

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