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Marvel Future Revolution: World Orchestra Soundtrack

Marvel Future Revolution: World Orchestra Soundtrack

Release DateMay 27, 2022
ArtistsBeethoven Academy Orchestra, Chang-Yul Lee, Danny Koo, estimate, Hong-Chul Ju, Moonju Lee, Netmarble Monster Sound Team
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone
GamesMarvel Future Revolution
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1The Convergence (Main Theme)
2Omega Flight Squad (Title Theme)
3Revolution Starts Here (Battle Theme)
4Legendary Hero (Captain America Theme)
5Mighty Star (Captain Marvel Theme)
6Invincible Tech (Iron Man Theme)
7Amazing Friend (Spider-Man Theme)
8Lethal Agent (Black Widow Theme)
9Mystical Mage (Doctor Strange Theme)
10Rebellious Guardian (Star-Lord Theme)
11Astonishing Ambassador (Storm Theme)
12The Sacrifice
13New Stark City
14Central City
15Operation Base
16The Virus Within
17Hydra Empire
19Xandearth Defense
21Forbidden Forest
22Frozen Peaks
24The Crown City
25Polluted Plains
26Sakaar Arena
27Battle Simulation
29Rescue, Defend, Survive!
30Raid Before Dawn
31Omega War
32Dark Zone
33Victory Is Ours
34This Is Not Over Yet!
35Rocket's Lab
36A.I.M. for the Future
37Prison X-Scape
38Savage Shadowland
39Xandearth (Instrumental)
40Xandearth Defense (Instrumental)
41Midgardia (Instrumental)
42Retro Guardian
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