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SCARLET NEXUS Original Soundtrack

SCARLET NEXUS Original Soundtrack

Release DateJun 24, 2022
ArtistsHayata Takeda, Masato Nakamura
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesScarlet Nexus
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Scarlet Nexus
2Under the Ending Sky
3The OSF - Advance!
4Determination Overdrive
5Suoh - The Red Metropolis
6A Serene Garden
7Go, Scarlet Guardians
8Eliminate the Others
9Reunion - Yuito
10Encounter - Kasane
11Attention Please
12Easy Breezy
13The City Time Forgot
14The City Time Forgot - The other
15Break Time
16A Broken Promise
17A Broken Promise - The other
18Humanity's Great Threat
19A Sedated Heart
21Hustle X Fade
22HUSTLE X FADE - The other
23Fractured World
24Trampled, Broken, And Scattered
25Bad Omen
26Despite the Pain
27Going All-in
28Eternal Tension
29Red Daydream
30Abandoned Highway to Eden
31Abandoned Highway to Eden - The other
32Sudden Attack
33Brain Eater
34In the Midst of Chaos
35In the Midst of Chaos - The other
37Out of Reach
38Dream or Reality?
39Path of the Red String
40What Awaits in the End
41What Awaits in the End - The other
42Truth Be Told
43State of Emergency
44Opposed Viewpoint
45Free Your Unconsciousness
46Internal Madness
48My Sweet Hideout
49Seiran - The Blue Reflection
50Mental Cross Talk
51Essence of Cutting-Edge Medical Treatment
52Concealed Atrocities
53Concealed Atrocities - The other
54"Do Not Open That Door"
55Hidden in the Darkness
57Flames that Cut Through the Darkness
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