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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes GAMERIP Soundtrack

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes GAMERIP Soundtrack

ファイアーエムブレム無双 風花雪月オリジナル・サウンドトラック Fire Emblem Musou: Fūkasetsugetsu GAMERIP OST
Release DateJun 24, 2022
ArtistsAsami Mitake, Ayako Toyoda, Hiromu Akaba, Yuki Matsumura
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch
GamesFire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes
Avg. Rating: (5 by 1 users)
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1Title Screen
2The Crest of Flames (Opening)
3Fódlan Winds [Inferno]
4Fódlan Winds [Embers]
5Tearing Through Heaven [Inferno]
6Tearing Through Heaven [Embers]
7Chasing Daybreak [Inferno]
8Chasing Daybreak [Embers]
9Roar of Dominion [Inferno]
10Roar of Dominion [Embers]
11Between Heaven and Earth [Inferno]
12Between Heaven and Earth [Embers]
13Tempest of Seasons [Inferno]
14Tempest of Seasons [Embers]
15The Long Road [Inferno]
16The Long Road [Embers]
17Corridor of the Tempest [Inferno]
18Corridor of the Tempest [Embers]
19Main Theme [Inferno]
20Main Theme [Embers]
21Darkness [Inferno]
22Darkness [Embers]
23Funeral of Flowers (Part I) [Inferno]
24Funeral of Flowers (Part I) [Embers]
25The Apex of the World (Part I) [Inferno]
26The Apex of the World (Part I) [Embers]
27Melody of Clarity (Part I) [Inferno]
28Melody of Clarity (Part I) [Embers]
29I Swear By My Sword [Inferno]
30I Swear By My Sword [Embers]
31Blood and Iron [Inferno]
32Blood and Iron [Embers]
33In a Foreign Land [Inferno]
34In a Foreign Land [Embers]
35Profound Ties that Bind [Inferno]
36Profound Ties that Bind [Embers]
37Like a Flash of Lightning [Inferno]
38Like a Flash of Lightning [Embers]
39Weapon Ablaze [Inferno]
40Weapon Ablaze [Embers]
41The Great Chaos of the Battlefield [Inferno]
42The Great Chaos of the Battlefield [Embers]
43Wrath Strike [Inferno]
44Wrath Strike [Embers]
45Wrath Strike (Finale)
46The Verge of Death [Inferno]
47The Verge of Death [Embers]
48The Verge of Death (Finale)
49Paths That Will Never Cross [Inferno]
50Paths That Will Never Cross [Embers]
51Paths That Will Never Cross (Finale)
52Indomitable Will [Inferno]
53Indomitable Will [Embers]
54Indomitable Will (Finale)
55Slay or Be Slain [Inferno]
56Slay or Be Slain [Embers]
57Slay or Be Slain (Finale)
58The Ashen Demon [Inferno]
59The Ashen Demon [Embers]
60The Ashen Demon (Finale)
61Holy Ground [Inferno]
62Holy Ground [Embers]
63Abyss [Inferno]
64Abyss [Embers]
65Funeral of Flowers (Part II) [Inferno]
66Funeral of Flowers (Part II) [Embers]
67The Apex of the World (Part II) [Inferno]
68The Apex of the World (Part II) [Embers]
69Melody of Clarity (Part II) [Inferno]
70Melody of Clarity (Part II) [Embers]
71Scarlet Blaze Camp (Part I)
72Azure Gleam Camp (Part I)
73Golden Wildfire Camp (Part I)
74Scarlet Blaze Camp (Part II)
75Azure Gleam Camp (Part II)
76Golden Wildfire Camp (Part II)
77Four Banners
78A Smoldering Scarlet Blaze
79A Lingering Azure Gleam
80A Crackling Golden Wildfire
81Awakening (Dark Dawning)
82Awakening (Scarlet Blaze)
83Awakening (Azure Gleam)
84Awakening (Golden Wildfire)
85A Dream in the Dark
86Those Who Slither in the Dark
88Final Farewell
89Just Another Day
90Strong Will
91Colorless World
92Thinking of You
93Malice and Misgivings
94Evil Influence
95On Thin Ice
96Song of the Buffoon
97Tears in Moonlight
98Silent Passion
99Bad Omen
101Sunlight Through the Trees
102Boots on the Ground
103What We Won
104Quality Goods at Low Prices
105From the Heart
106Scorched Camp
108Ravages of War
109First Light
110Shooting Stars
111One Last Thing
112Traversing the Battlefield
113The Void
114Stillness and Meditation
115Peaceful Days
117Hope for Tomorrow
118The Edge of Dawn (End Credits)
119Garreg Mach Monastery
120Fanfare (FE Main Theme)
121Fanfare (Unit Loss)
122Fanfare (Class Change)
123Fanfare (Defeat)
124Sound Effect #01 ~Wind~
125Sound Effect #02 ~Void~

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