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Spice and Wolf O.S.T. ~Music of a Journey with a Wolf~

Spice and Wolf O.S.T. ~Music of a Journey with a Wolf~

TVアニメーション「狼と香辛料」O.S.T. 狼と旅の音楽 TV Animation "Ookami to Koushinryou" O.S.T. Ookami to Tabi no Ongaku
Release DateMar 12, 2008
Artistsnoe, Taro Yamashita, Tomohiko Kira, Yuji Yoshino
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack, Vocal
AnimationsSpice and Wolf
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1The Wolf and the Merchant, Travelling by Wagon
2In the Middle of a Journey
3A Distant Promise...
4Tail Dance
5Dreaming of Servitude
7Waning of the Moon
8Mane in the Moonlight
9Lonely Dream
10Shiny Wheels
11Exotic Appearance
12Being Noisy
13The First Village
14Long Night, Cold Moon
16Swaying Wheat
17The Unknown
18Before Dawn
19To Your Origins
20Small Breaths
21Dogteeth and Drunkards
22Even in a Strong Wind
23Even Scales
24Wise Fellows
25I Don't Remember
26Dark Forest
27Festival Song
29An Unseen Town
30Ringo Biyori ~The Wolf Whistling Song (TV size)
31In the Middle of a Journey (TV size)
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