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Yuru Camp△ Movie Original Soundtrack

Yuru Camp△ Movie Original Soundtrack

映画『ゆるキャン△』オリジナル・サウンドトラック Eiga Yuru Camp△ Original Soundtrack
Release DateJun 29, 2022
Artists Akiyuki Tateyama, Asaka, Eri Sasaki, Hero Nakamura, Kento Nagatsuka
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack, Vocal
AnimationsYuru Camp△
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1Big flowers bloom in the summer night sky
2Sun Is Coming Up (Movie Edit)
3Solo Cangirl = Office Girl
4This is my New World
5Memories of the Lantern
6Relax per person
7Sashi drink, chicken wings, reunion.
8Suite "Pine Cones" ~Silence and Twilight~
9Suite "Pine Cones" ~Hinode Zuru-sato ~
10i'm coming!
11Grant the title
12It looks fun and it feels good
13Senpai's Help Boat
14It's like when I was in high school
15Suite "Pine Cones" ~Start making campsite!~
16Suite "Pine Cones" ~Mowing and Hot Lemon~
17Touring the Nostalgic Campground
18Concept required
19First snow survey
20Suite "Pine Cones" ~Dynamism of Excavator~
21Objects from the forest X
22Test camp at Yororeich ~
24Bon Appetite! Camp meal
25full? i have another plate!
26Starry Sky alone
27Pending Breast Commotion
29I'm so lonely, it's a lie
30Things I Really Wanted to do
32Snow Road and Eisen
33Secret Hot Spring in the Sky 2150
34What we Can Do now
35It's like club activities
36Suite "Pine Cones" - Rise up and challenge again!~
37Sustainable Plan
38Suite "Pine Cones" ~Summer Sky and Big Plan ~
39Suite "Pine Cones" ~Completed Fanfare ~
40Trouble occurred
41emergency call 24! Light Blue bike Solo Cangirl
42Suite "Pine Cones" ~ Connecting at this place ~
43Mimosa (Movie Edit)
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