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Mega Man Rocks - MM25

Mega Man Rocks - MM25

MM25: Mega Man Rocks
Release DateOct 29, 2013
ArtistsArmcannonThe Megas, Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, The Protomen, X-Hunters
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Arrangement, Vocal
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1Hi, I'm Mark Spandrill
2Man on Fire
4X-Hunters Stage
5The WIll of One (2013 Edit)
6Borrow Mega Nuke
7Full Outro
8Built to Last
9The Quick and the Blue
10X vs Zero
12MM9 Medley
13Can't Stop the Top
14Air Man Stage
15Dr. Wily Stage 1
16Splash Woman
17Mangnet Mang
18Breaking Out
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