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Einhänder Original Soundtrack

Einhänder Original Soundtrack

アインハンダー オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateJul 18, 2007
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
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1[ASSAULT] -Movie [Opening]-
2[TAKE OFF] -Fighter / Arm Selection-
3[CAPITAL] -Stage1 #1: Flak Towers-
4[STREET] -Stage1 #2: Business District-
5[RUINS] -Stage1 #3: Old Town-
6[CHASE] -Stage1 #4: Autobahn-
7[MACHINE BEAT] -Stage2 #1: Armored Trains-
8[BADLANDS] -Stage2 #2: Desert-
9[SILENCE] -Stage3 #1: Nuclear Silo Remains-
10[WARNING] -Stage3 #2: Unmanned Ship-
11[BREAKTHROUGH] -Stage4 #1: Subterranean Lake-
12[FACTORY] -Stage4 #2: Underground Factory-
13[DAWN] -Stage5 #1: Air Base-
14[MADNESS] -Stage5 #2: Versus Gestell-
15[CONFLICT] -Stage5 #3: Catapult Facility-
16[IMPATIENCE] -Stage6 #1: Stratosphere-
17[THERMOSPHERE] -Stage6 #2: Versus Schwarzgeist-
18[AFTERIMAGE] -Stage6 #3: Versus Monitor-
19[ADVENT] -Movie [EOS Attack]-
20[REBELLION] -Stage7 #1: Space-
21[ZERO GRAVITY] -Stage7 #2: Versus Hyperion-
22[SHUDDER] -Versus Large Enemy: Type 1-
23[BLOODY BATTLE] -Versus Large Enemy: Type 2-
24[MUDDLE] -Continue Countdown-
25[MOONLIGHT] -Ending: Type 1-
26[JUDGMENT] -Total Evaluation-
27[EARTHLIGHT] -Staff Roll-
28[METEMPSYCHOSIS] -Unused Bonus Track-
29[BEGINNING] -Tokyo Game Show '97 Special Remix-
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