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Genshin Impact - The Shimmering Voyage Vol. 2

Genshin Impact - The Shimmering Voyage Vol. 2

原神-珍珠之歌2 The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2 原神-真珠の歌2 The Shimmering Voyage Volume 2
Release DateAug 15, 2022
ArtistsDimeng Yuan, HOYO-MiX, Jiade He, Qian Ding, Xin Zhao, Yijun Jiang, Yu-Peng Chen
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone, PC, PlayStation 4
GamesGenshin Impact
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Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
1Pathos of Shirasagi
2The Comrades' Ambush
3Trial of Thunder
4Shogun's Abdication
5Unpredicted Conspiracy
6A Sense of Foreboding
7Wreck of Eternal Bane
8Marching to Victory
9Approaching Thunder
10Bitter Triumph
11Her Imperial Majesty
12Eureka Moment
13Odyssey to the Uncharted
14Unforeseen Disaster
15Fury Unleashed
16Separate Ways
17Take This!
18Suffering of Parting
19Under the Sun
20Vanished Beyond Recall
21Nothing but a Dream
22Illusory Apparitions
23Midnight in Mondstadt
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