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Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere (Gamerip Soundtrack)

Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere (Gamerip Soundtrack)

Release DateAug 25, 2022
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo Switch
GamesSplatoon 3
Avg. Rating: (5 by 3 users)
Ripped by: Hairyun


2Demo Plaza
3Player Creation
4Player Creation (temp)
5Tutorial (Phase 1)
6Tutorial (Phase 2.1)
7Tutorial (Phase 2.2)
8Tutorial (Phase 2.3)
9Tutorial (Phase 3)
10Tutorial Train Speakers
11Plaza Intro
12Plaza / Ammo Knights
13Plaza / Naut Couture
14Plaza / Man-o'-Wardrobe
15Plaza / Crush Station
16Plaza / Hotlantis
17Hotlantis / Ammo Knights
18Naut Couture
20Crush Station
21Plaza / Grizzco Industries
22Plaza / Singleplayer
23Plaza / Singleplayer (Alterna)
24Plaza / The Shoal
25Plaza / Anarchy Splatcast
26Plaza / Lobby
27Plaza / Lobby (Splatfest)
28Plaza / Backstreet
29Plaza / Backstreet (Festival)
30Plaza / Boardgames
31Plaza / Cheapsweets
32Plaza / Drink
33Plaza / Electronics
34Plaza / Honsai
35Plaza / Postoffice
36Plaza / Restaurant
37Plaza / Seagrapes
38Plaza / Steamedbuns
39Plaza / Teas
40Plaza / Toys
41Plaza / Yobisai
42Plaza Guitar
43Anarchy Splatcast
44Splatfest Splatcast
46Lobby (Holiday)
47Lobby (Sub 01)
48Lobby (Sub 02)
49Lobby (Sub 03)
50Lobby (Sub 04)
51Lobby (Sub 05)
52Lobby (Sub 06)
53Lobby (Sub 07)
54Lobby (Sub 08)
55Lobby (Sub 09)
56Lobby Config Device
57Lobby Rounge Speaker
58Lobby Shop Speaker
59Match Start
60Match Start (Splatfest)
61Match Start (Splatfest / Trc)
62Match Win
63Match Win (Splatfest)
64Match Lose
65Match Lose (Splatfest)
66Clickbait (C-Side) (Demo)
67Splattack! (C-Side)
68Unkown C-Side Track (03)
69Paintscraper (C-Side)
70Unkown C-Side Track (05)
71Sea Me Now (Front Roe)
72Unkown Front Roe Track (07)
73Candy-Coated Rocks (Damp Socks feat. Off The Hook)
74Unkown Damp Socks feat. Off The Hook Track (09)
75Clickbait (C-Side)
76Now or Never!
77Clickbait (C-Side) (Shortened)
78Now or Never! (Splatfest)
79Splatfest Plaza (Day 1 / Base)
80Splatfest Plaza (Day 1 / Shiver)
81Splatfest Plaza (Day 1 / Frye)
82Splatfest Plaza (Day 1 / Big Man)
83Splatfest Plaza (Day 1 / Shiver and Base)
84Splatfest Plaza (Day 1 / Frye and Base)
85Splatfest Plaza (Day 1 / Big Man and Base)
86Anarchy Rainbow
87Splatfest Lobby 01
88Splatfest Lobby 02
89Splatfest Battle 01
90Splatfest Battle 02
91Salmon Run Results
92Table Turf Battle (Edit Deck)
93Table Turf Battle (Item Select)
94Table Turf Battle (Level Select)
95Table Turf Battle (VS)
96Table Turf Battle (Now or Never!)
97Table Turf Battle (Result 01)
98Table Turf Battle (Result 02)

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