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Virtua Fighter 3 Original Soundtrack

Virtua Fighter 3 Original Soundtrack

バーチャファイター 3 SOUND TRACKS
Release DateOct 23, 1996
ArtistsFumio Ito, SEGA Sound Team (Takayuki Nakamura), Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesVirtua Fighter 3
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2VirtuaFighter 3
3Next Challenger
4Keen Head 'Jacky In The Building'
5Tedium 'Leon In The Library'
6Mai 'Aoi In The Snow'
7Coral Groove 'Jeffry In The Sea'
8Underground 'Sarah In The Subway'
9Gostroptosis 'In The Cave'
10Hiding 'Kagemaru In The Castle'
11Open The Deadgate 'Pai On The Roof'
12Drunkman in HongKong 'Shun On The Raft'
13Raging Wind 'Lau In The Great Wall'
14Ancient times 'Wolf In The Desert'
15On The Circle 'Takaarashi On The Ring'
16The Hall 'Akira In The Bamboo Grove'
17Tender Steel 'Dural'
18After image 2
19Tell me your memories
20Game over
21Stage Clear
22Try To Next Level
23Modesty 'Extra Stage'
24Impudence 'Extra Stage'
25The Killer Mantis 'Extra Stage'
26Blandish Fist 'Extra Stage'
27Persevering 'Extra Stage'
28Cool Bell 'Extra Stage'
29Tears of Falling 'Extra Stage'
30For You...
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