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Vampire Survivors The Original Soundtrack

Vampire Survivors The Original Soundtrack

Release DateOct 13, 2022
ArtistsDaniele Zandara, Filippo Vicarelli, Will Davies
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesVampire Survivors
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1Side A
2Reincarnated Echoes
3Copper Green Intent
4Gaze Up at the Stars
5Before Concession
6Vempair Survaivors
7When the Clouds Drown
8No Mortals Allowed
9Unholy Invocation
10Needs More Fighting
11Side B
12Forest Night Fever
13Libro Inferno
14It's Raining Minotaurs
15Barely Staying Alive
16I Might Survive
17Born to be Undead
18Red & Blue
19Gatti Amari
20Song of Mana
21Peji 18
22Moms are Tough
23Sole Solution
24Dust Elementals
25Temptation of the Occult
26The Eudaimonia Machine
27Cosmic Delight
28It Stares Back
29Extinguished Flame
30The Beginning
31Treasure A
32Treasure B
33Treasure C
34Blast Processed Treasure A
35Blast Processed Treasure B
36Blast Processed Treasure C
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