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Double Dragon Original Soundtrack

Double Dragon Original Soundtrack

Release DateMar 17, 1995
ArtistsIizuka Senshu, Mack Suzuki, Reikochin, Technos Japan Sound Team "VÄVID", Tsuruchan
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesDouble Dragon
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1How to OK?! (Tutorial Screen)
2100 Points for That Guy!! (Player Select)
3True Fighter (Billy Lee's Theme)
4Power transform (Transformation Theme)
5The Elder Son is Heart-Broken (Jimmy Lee's Theme)
6I will Punish Those who Bully the Weak (Marian's Theme)
7Fighting ABOBO (Abobo's Theme)
8Bloody Meat Bomb (Burnov's Theme)
9One Kick (Eddy's Theme)
10Chi Nen Nin (Amon's Theme)
11Suihassenken (Cheng-Fu's Theme)
12Flying Angel (Dulton's Theme)
13Kochinda (Rebecca's Theme)
14Shadow Assassin (Duke's Theme)
15Dark Master (Koga Shuko's Theme)
16Moon in the Factory (Ending "Sad")
17Tomorrow Looks Like a Fine Day (Ending "Bright")
18Hurry Up!! (Continue)
19Over Already?! (Game Over)
20Billy Lee Voice
21Jimmy Lee Voice
22Marian Voice
23Abobo Voice
24Burnov Voice
25Eddy Voice
26Amon Voice
27Cheng-Fu Voice
28Dulton Voice
29Rebecca Voice
30Duke Voice
31Koga Shuko Voice
32Narrator Voice
33S.E. Collection
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