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Tales of Asteria Original Soundtrack (Bonus Track Version)

Tales of Asteria Original Soundtrack (Bonus Track Version)

テイルズ オブ アスタリア オリジナルサウンドトラック(Bonus Track Version)
Release DateMar 17, 2023
ArtistsDaiki HanawaMasashi Miyake, Etsuko Ichikawa, Kimihiro Abe, Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki, Masahiro Tsuchihashi, Sadaki Naoe, Takao Ogi, Tasuku Matsukura, Yasuhiro Isoda, Yuko Okada, Yutaka Hayashi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone
GamesTales of Asteria
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1An Ancient Legend
2Star Fragments
3Intertwining Bond
4Temple of Light
5Unyielding Dignity
6Fighting Spirit Like Lightning
7After Countless Battles
8A Wall That Stands in the Way
9Tirgu, The Messenger of Light
10The Rising Signs of War
11Savior of Light and Darkness
12A Journey with You
13The Tower of Zero
14Paving Your Destiny
15Running Alongside Death
16Proof of Power
17The One Who Leads to Destruction
18Revelation and Chaos
19The Crystal Land and Guiding Light
20Departure, And an Expanding World
21The Decisive Battle Is About to Begin
22The Divine Throne
23A Flash of Sword
24Conflict Caused by Determination
25Dance of Clashing Swords
26With Volition
27On the Other Side of Hopes and Dreams
28Paradise of Recollections
29Unforgettable Memories
30To Never Lose Again
31Trace on the Heart
32The Final Chapter
33Bring Back the Good Old Days
34Guard Keeper of the World
35Excited Heartbeat
36Now or Never
37The Divine Prestige
38The Very End of Recollections
39The Crystal That Sleeps in Avalon
40In Search of the Safia
41Fate Starts Moving
42Everlasting Bond
43The Tower of Elpis
44Claim Victory with Your Own Hands
45Throbbing Heartbeat
46Shadow Within the Abyss
47For All Forms of Salvation
48The Fate of the Twin Stars
49World of Possibilities
50Choice for the Future
51Can't Give up This Feeling
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