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Gintama Original Soundtrack 2

Gintama Original Soundtrack 2

銀魂 オリジナル・サウンドトラック2
Release DateNov 28, 2007
ArtistsAudio Highs
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack, Vocal
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1You bastards! Let's start!
2Geez, there's no work coming in again today
3Are you guys on vacation? Are your heads on vacation?
4Our castle, Takamagahara
5There's data that can't be erased
6Those who are picky with food are also picky with people
7If you're gonna be like that Sacchan will go to another man's place
8Blood thirsty canine
9From here on it's work time
10I simply destroy... this rotting world
11It's the stupidest samurai in the universe, you bastard!!
12If you got parents that care for you, what else would you need?
14Chew your rice 20 times before swallowing, got it?
15Ahh, now I've done it...
16No! I'll do it, yes!
17Ahh! My JUMP!!
18A job after so long!
19Insanity driven under the full moon
20I've got a bad feeling about this
21Yet another headache has come up
22I will never do anything that will make the most important woman in my world sad!
23Even if I'm the last branch, I won't break, yes?
24As you forge the metal, forge your soul
25Let's keep at it!
26Kabuki-chou BLUES
27Get your act together!
28What're these guys doing?
29It's necessary to arm your head
30Memories engraved into your soul won't disappear no matter what
31Life flows like a conveyor belt
32Those important to you are right here aren't they, within you
33Quit making me repeat myself over and over
34On a moonless night, insects are drawn to the light
35Geez, guess there's no choice, let's go!
36The bubble still hasn't burst yet
37You gotta eat when you can
38This is fine the way it is, isn't it?
39Now! Let's finish this!
40Yorozuya BLUES
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