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Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Original Soundtrack

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Original Soundtrack

Release DateNov 20, 2017
ArtistsKeisuke Ito, Noriko Murakami, Yasuhiro Kawagoe
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
GamesPokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
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1Main Theme
2Main Menu
3Welcome to the World of Pokemon!
4Things That Live on This Planet
5Why, All of a Sudden?!
6Open Pass
7Lush Forest
8At Just Such a Moment
9It Is What It Is...
10Over the Mountains
11Title Theme
12Nuzleaf's House
13Children of Serene Village
15Serene Village
16A Little Kerfuffle
17Foreboding Forest
18Mysteries Within
19Let's Go to School!
20This Way Home
21Pancham and Shelmet
22Getting Scolded
23Drilbur Coal Mine
24The Coming Danger
25Boss Battle: Children's Adventure!
26Treasure within Your Heart
27Partner's Theme
28School Forest
29During an Adventure
30No Frustration, No Giving Up
31Vice Principal Watchog's Theme
32Glittering Mountain
34With Big-Hearted Kindness
35What to Do...
36Just Where?!
37Nectar Meadow
38Wandering Ampharos
39Poliwrath River
40Expedition Society Crown
41Quiet Night
42School's Rumors at Night
43On Patrol at the School
44So Hot...
45Terrifying Shadows
46Pale Flame
47Ancient Barrow
48Partner's Theme: Music Box
49Revelation Mountain
50Children Came to See Us Off...
51Time to Set Out
52Sheer Mountain Range
53Gentle Slope Cave
54Lively Town
55Onward, Expedition Society!
56Expedition Society: Music Box
57Legendary Boss Battle: Rock Version!
58Air Continent: Baram Town
59Echoes of the Mystical Forest
60Mystery of Fossils
61The Coming Danger: Arrangement 1
62Resilience of the Expedition Society
63Fire Island Volcano
64Boss Battle: Expedition Society Fight
65The Mystery of the Scarf?! Evolution!
66Power of Evolution
67Showdown with a Volcanic Entei!
68Things Happening in This World
69Feelings of the Expedition Society
70Showdown Mountain
71Mysteries Within: Arrangement 1
72Oh No! This Is Bad!
73Ancient Letters Left Behind
74Something Is Amiss...
75Surprise Attack: Yveltal!
76A Warning to All Pokemon!
78Abyssal Badlands
79Within the Sadness
80Cave of the Deep
81Calm Craggy Area
82Void Shadows
83A Trio of Sacred Legends
84Reverse Mountain
85Mysteries Within: Arrangement 2
86Resolve of a Legendary Trio
87Entrusted Hope
88Depths of the Submerged Cave
89Prehistoric Ruins
90The Secret of the Lost Memory
91Tree of Life: Island of the South
92Road to Primeval Forest
93Withered Tree of Life
94Fight with Yveltal and Others!
95Make It!
96We Can Fly!
97Power of Pokemon
98Tree of Life: Roots
99Tree of Life: Trunk
100We'll Definiely... Take You Down!
101First Dark Matter Battle
102Dark Matter Reborn!
103Even if You're Weak, Struggle!
104Mysteries Within: Arrangement 3
105Don't Give Up
106Second Dark Matter Battle
107A Bad Feeling That Won't Go Away
108Wh-where Am I...?
109Tree of Life Revived!
110Rejoice, the World is Saved!
111Heading Home to Serene Village
112Welcome Home and Thanks!
113Enveloped in Light...
114Time to Part Ways
115The End
117Grass Continent: Capim Town
118Mist Continent: Noe Town
119Sand Continent: Sahra Town
120Whispers of the Forests and Mountains: Rescue Team Mix
121Beach Cave: Explorers Mix
122Amp Plains: Explorers Mix
123Crystal Cave: Explorers Mix
124Boss Battle with Great Powers!
125Pelipper Island
126It's a Monster House!
127Kecleon Shop
128Stop, Thief!
129Spirit Dunes
130Mystery Jungle
131Purification Cave
132Starting Game File...
133Unknown Track
134Ambiance: First Arrangement
135Ambiance: Second Arrangement
136Ambiance: Third Arrangement
137Welcome Home and Thanks: No Mix
138Welcome Home and Thanks!: No Mix 2

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