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Genshin Impact - City of Winds and Idylls Original Soundtrack

Genshin Impact - City of Winds and Idylls Original Soundtrack

原神-风与牧歌之城 City of Winds and Idylls
Release DateSep 28, 2020
ArtistsYu-Peng Chen
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
GamesGenshin Impact
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1Twilight Serenity (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)
2Legend of the Wind
3The City Favored By Wind
4Bustling Afternoon of Mondstadt
5Dusk in Mondstadt
6Mondstadt Starlit
7Moonlight in Mondstadt
8Another Day in Mondstadt
9Windborne Hymn
10Knights of Favonius
11Angel's Share
12Silhouette and Silk Steps
13Perilous Path
14Say My Name
15Welp, Didn't Expect That
16An Interesting Labour
17Make Haste, Partner
18A Happy Day
19Reunion in the Whispering Woods
21Meeting Amber
22Storm Befalls
23Slight Distress
24Tender Strength
25Imminent Triumph
26Beckoning (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)
27Hence, Begins the Journey
28Dawn Winery Theme
29Before Dawn, at the Winery
30A Familiar Sight and Leisure
31Cold Night
32Whispering Plain
33Statue of the Seven
34Acquaintance (Statue of the Seven)
35Stealing Words of the Moon
36Wayfarer's Peace
37Wind-Washed Mountains
38Wayward Souls
39Reminiscence (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)
40Restless Blazing Sun
41Remembrance (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)
42The Horizon
43Awaiting for the Future
44Moonlit Wilderness
45A New Day with Hope
46Journey of Hope (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)
47Forlorn Child of Archaic Winds (Dvalin's Nest)
48Forsken Child of Ancient Times (Dvalin's Nest)
49Midday Prospects
50Dwelling in the Past
51Eternal Anamnesis (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)
52Photon of Fluctuation
53His Resolution
54Rhythm from Ancient Times
55Endless Echoes
56Charge! Fearless Warriors
57Beats of Water Drops
58Magic Intrigues
59Against All Odds
60Perpetual Motion of Wind
61Riders of the Wind, Onward
62Whirl of Boreal Wind
63Symphony of Boreal Wind
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