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Little Town Hero Official Soundtrack Town Tunes

Little Town Hero Official Soundtrack Town Tunes

Release DateJun 23, 2020
ArtistsHitomi Sato, Toby Fox
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
GamesLittle Town Hero
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1This Is My Town
2A New Chapter
3Three Bad Boys
4Idea Rush
5Bad Boys Battle
7Village Clash
8You Won!
9Royal Orders
10Win By A Hair
11Battering Ram
12Teardrop-Shaped Stones
14Metamorphic Dance
15Want To Talk About Sheep?
16Sky Attack
17Rising Waves
18The Fields Before Us
19Laughing Doll
20Mystic Aura
21Scythe That Cuts Fate
22Game Over
23No Time To Lose
24Neverending Roar
25Little Town Hero
26End The Story!
27Our Special Rites
28A Place You Can Call Home
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