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Genshin Impact - The Stellar Moments

Genshin Impact - The Stellar Moments

原神-闪耀的群星 The Stellar Moments 原神-輝く星々 (Original Game Soundtrack)
Release DateFeb 4, 2021
ArtistsYu-Peng Chen
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone, PC
GamesGenshin Impact
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1Bard's Adventure
2Let's Go, Crimson Knight!
3Where The Sunlight Flees
4Flaming Fry
5Ouvertüre Der Ewigen Nacht
6Sieh An, Mein Sommernachtgarten!
7Preserver Of Fortune
8Surge Of Prophecies
9Letter From Ajax
10From Snezhnaya With Boldness
11Exclusive Specialty
12Rockin' With Fire
13Nimble As Lightning
14Contemplation In Snow
15Genius Of Takwin
16Qilin's Prance
17Rex Incognito
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