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Little Nightmares II Original Soundtrack

Little Nightmares II Original Soundtrack

Little Nightmares 2 Original Soundtrack
Release DateFeb 11, 2021
ArtistsTobias Lilja
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
GamesLittle Nightmares II
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1Main Theme
2Teeth & Leaves
3Togetherness I
4The Nome In The Attic
5Boots Through The Undergrowth
6Disposable Entertainment
9Captive Audience
10Circling The Throne
11Togetherness II
12ɉtude For A Minor
14True Colours
15One Step, Two Step
16Still Life
17Casting Shadows
18Waiting Room
19Bottom Feeders
20A Little Warmth
21Shopping Spasm
22The Man In The Hat
23Signal Interference
24Lost In Transmission
25Old Friends Anew
26Nothing Lasts Forever
27End Of The Hall
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The game might have been a buggy mess but WOW the OST is good.