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Avatar: The Last Airbender Soundtrack

Avatar: The Last Airbender Soundtrack

アバター 伝説の少年アンオリジナル・サウンドトラック Avatar: The Last Airbender Soundtrack Original Score from the Series
Release DateJul 17, 2008
ArtistsThe Track Team
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
AnimationsAvatar: The Last Airbender
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1Opening Theme
2End Credits
3Agni Kai
4Aang's Theme
5The Avatar State
6Safe Return
7Tsungi Horn
9The Blue Spirit
10Panda Lily
11The Northern Water Tribe
12Four Seasons
13Ocean Spirit
14Princess Yue
15Azula's Theme
16Nomad Songs
17The Two Lovers
18Swamp Fight
19Zuko On The Mountain
20Final Blow
21Ba Sing Se
22Leaves From The Vine
23Dai Li
24Whose Destiny?
25Invading The Palace
26Heart Chakra
27Cave Jivin'
28Bending Scams
29Aang's Nightmare
31Iroh's Speech
32Aang Faces Ozai
33White Lotus Raid
34The Avatar's Love
35Final Battle
37The End of Avatar
38Momo's Theme
39Sokka's Theme
40The Fire Nation
41Book 3 Trailer
42The Phoenix King
43The Lion Turtle (Infinite Light)
44The Last Agni Kai

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