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Mario Sports Mix Gamerip Soundtrack

Mario Sports Mix Gamerip Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 7, 2011
ArtistsKumi Tanioka, Masayoshi Soke
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U
GamesMario Sports Mix
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1Title Screen
2Game Records
3Online Menu
4Game Options
5Mario Stadium
6Koopa Troopa Beach
7Peach's Castle
8DK Dock
9Toad Park
10Luigi's Mansion
11Western Junction
12Daisy Garden
13Wario Factory
14Bowser Jr. Boulevard
15Bowser Castle
16Waluigi Pinball
17Ghoulish Galleon
18Star Ship
19Battle with Behemoth
20Tournament Intro
21Mushroom Cup
22Flower Cup
23Star Cup
24Tournament Award Ceremony
25Match Preview
26Feed Petey
27Feed Petey ver. 2
28Feed Petey: Level 2
29Harmony Hustle
30Bob-omb Dodge
31Bob-omb Dodge: Level 2
32Smash Skate
33Smash Skate: Level 2
34Match Result
35Win ver. 1
36Win ver. 2
37Lose ver. 1
38Lose ver. 2
39Starman ver. 1
40Starman ver. 2
41Unlocked Something!

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