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Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack

Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack

Genso Suikoden I - Original Video Game Soundtrack 幻想水滸伝 オリジナル・ゲーム・サントラ
Release DateMay 4, 1996
ArtistsHiroshi Tamawari, Mayuko Kagesita, MIKI-CHANG, Taniguchi, TAPPY
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPlayStation, Sega Saturn
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Into a World of Illusion (Title BGM)
2Beginning Theme (Name Entry Screen BGM and More)
3Royal Palace Consultation (Gregminster Castle BGM)
4Eternal Empire (From Event 'The Emperor Grants You Audience')
5Beautiful Golden City (Gregminster BGM)
6Main Theme Arrange ~ Guitar Version (From Event 'Returned Home')
7Fly, Black! (From Event 'Black Takes Flight')
8Black Forest (Lecchnaut's Mansion BGM)
9Touching Theme (From Event 'Lecchnaut's Oracle')
10Tiny Characters in a Huge World (Field BGM1)
11Distant Mountain (Mountain BGM)
12Penpe (Dungeon BGM2)
13Confrontation with Monsters (Battle BGM)
14Victory Theme (Battle Victory BGM)
15Rock Rockland (Lenankamp / Rockland BGM)
16Theme of Tension ~ Ensemble Version (From Event 'Attack on the Liberation Army's Hideout')
17Theme of Sadness ~ Ensemble Version (From Event 'Odessa's Death')
18Eternal Flow (Seika BGM)
19Joy Joy Time (Sub-Game BGM)
20Intrusion (Dungeon BGM)
21Mysterious Forest (Elves' Village BGM)
22People of Great Pride (Dwarves' Village BGM)
23Theme of Despair (From Event 'Burning of the Elves' Village')
24Peaceful People (Antei BGM)
25Rising Tide (Teien BGM)
26Strange Theme (From Event 'Watch Out Flik! Kimberley's Temptation')
27This Sweetie is the Town Treasure (From Event 'Mina's Dance')
28Narcy's Theme (From Event 'Vansan, Milich's Speech')
29Gorgeous Scarleticia (Scarleticia Castle BGM)
30Dancing Girl (Kirov BGM)
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