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Cuphead Original Soundtrack

Cuphead Original Soundtrack

Release DateSep 29, 2017
ArtistsKristofer Maddigan
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One
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1Don't Deal With the Devil
2Don't Deal with the Devil (Instrumental)
5Elder Kettle
6Inkwell Isle One
7Botanic Panic
8Die House
9Elder Kettler (Piano)
10Threatin' Zeppelin
11Treetop Trouble
12Ruse of an Ooze
13Floral Fury
14Inkwell Isle One (Piano)
15Clip Joint Calamity
16Forest Follies
17Inkwell Isle Two
18Sugarland Shimmy
19Aviary Action
20Inkwell Isle Two (Piano)
21Carnival Kerfuffle
22Fiery Frolic
23Funfair Fever
24The Mausoleum
25Legendary Ghost
26Pyramid Peril
27Victory Tune
28Hurry Up
29A Quick Break
30Coin-Op Bop
31High Score
32Funhouse Frazzle
33Inkwell Isle Three
34Honeycomb Herald
35Porkrind's Shop
36Shootin n' Lootin
37Dramatic Fanatic
38Perilous Piers
39Murine Corps
40Junkyard Jive
41Rugged Ridge
42High Sea Hi-Jinx
43Railroad Wrath
44Inkwell Isle Three (Piano)
45The Airship
46All Bets Are Off
47Inkwell Hell
48The King's Court
49Inkwell Hell (Piano)
50Chief Evil Officer
51Admission to Perdition
52Ominous Interlude
53One Hell of a Time
54The End
55Winner Takes All
56Closing Credits
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