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Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Soundtrack

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Soundtrack

星のカービィ 夢の泉デラックスサウンドトラック
Release DateOct 25, 2002
ArtistsHirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa, Shogo Sakai, Tadashi Ikegami
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo Game Boy Advance
GamesKirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Avg. Rating: (5 by 1 users)
Rip by: Zoopd | Tagged by: Indogutsu, Knurek


1Main Title
2Main Menu
3Map: Vegetable Valley
4Vegetable Valley
5Map: Ice Cream Island
6Ice Cream Island
7Map: Butter Buildings
8Butter Buildings
9Map: Grape Garden
10Grape Garden
11Map: Yogurt Yard
12Yogurt Yard
13Map: Orange Ocean
14Orange Ocean
15Map: Rainbow Resort
16Rainbow Resort
17Field Stages
18Forest Stages
19Sky Stages
20Boss Battle
21Coliseum Duel
22Kirby Wins! (Long)
23Kirby Wins! (Short)
24Dedede Battle
25Nightmare Transforms
26Nightmare Battle (Part 1)
27Nightmare Battle (Part 2)
29Meta Knight's Forces
30Meta Knight Battle
31Bomb Rally
32Fountain of Dreams
33Kirby's Air Grind Intro
34Kirby's Air Grind
35Kirby's Air Grind Finish
36Samurai Kirby
37Warp Star Express
38Bonus Clear
39Bonus Clear (Best!)
40Bonus Clear (Failure)
43Game Over
44Invincibility Lollipop
45Vegetable Valley (No Intro)
46Ice Cream Island (No Intro)
47Butter Buildings (No Intro)
48Grape Garden (No Intro)
49Yogurt Yard (No Intro)
50Orange Ocean (No Intro)
51Rainbow Resort (No Intro)
52Field Stages (No Intro)
53Forest Stages (No Intro)

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