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Star Fox Adventures Original Soundtrack

Star Fox Adventures Original Soundtrack

Release DateSep 23, 2002
ArtistsDavid Wise
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo GameCube
GamesStar Fox Adventures
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Ripped by: jackoalan


1Star Fox Adventures Main Theme
2Main Menu
3Krystal vs The Galleon
4Krazoa Palace I ~ Outside
5Krazoa Palace II ~ Inside
6Krazoa Palace Warp
7Krazoa Shrine
8Krazoa Spirit
9Krazoa Test I ~ Test of Observation
10Krazoa Spirit Aquired
11Krazoa Spirit Release
12World Map
14Arwing Crash
15Thorntail Hollow I ~ Day
17Thorntail Hollow II ~ Day
18Thorntail Hollow III ~ Store
19Thorntail Hollow IV ~ Night
20Ice Mountain I ~ Snow Speeder Chase
21Ice Mountain II ~ SnowHorn Wastes
22Thorntail Hollow V ~ Sick Queen
23Thorntail Hollow VI ~ GrubTub Cave
24DarkIce Mines I ~ Landing Pad
25DarkIce Mines II ~ Day
26DarkIce Mines III ~ Night
27DarkIce Mines IV ~ Surface Caves
28DarkIce Mines V ~ SnowHorn Mammoth Ride
29DarkIce Mines VI ~ Ice Cave
30DarkIce Mines VII ~ Leap of Faith
31DarkIce Mines VIII ~ Underground
32Puzzle I ~ DarkIce Mines Conveyer Belt / CloudRunner Fortress Entrance Puzzle / Walled City River Puzzle / SnowHorn Challenge / Walled City Sun Temple Maze
33Puzzel II
34Puzzel III ~ End
35Boss Galdon
36Volcano ForcePoint Temple
37Moon Mountain Pass II ~ Meteor Monsters
38Krazoa Test II ~ Test of Combat
39LightFoot Village I
40Cape Claw I
41Cape Claw II ~ Poison Puzzle
42CloudRunner Fortress I ~ Outside
43CloudRunner Fortress II ~ Outside (Unused)
44CloudRunner Fortress III ~ Guard Theme (Unused)
45CloudRunner Fortress IV ~ Swimming (Unused)
46CloudRunner Fortress V ~ Spiral Tower
47CloudRunner Fortress VI ~ Dungeon
48CloudRunner Fortress VII ~ Courtyard
49CloudRunner Fortress VIII ~ Air Dock
50CloudRunner Fortress IX ~ Cave
51CloudRunner Fortress X ~ Cave (Unused)
52Ocean ForcePoint Temple
53LightFoot Village II ~ Tracking Test
54LightFoot Village III ~ Strength
55Krazoa Test III ~ Test of Fear (Unused)
56Thorntail Hollow VII ~ Egg Snatcher
57Walled City I ~ Pyramid Climb
58Walled City II ~ King's Chambers Entrance
59Boss King RedEye I
60Boss King RedEye II ~ Stunned
61Krazoa Test IV ~ Test of Strength
62Dragon Rock
63Boss Drakor
64Krazoa Test V ~ Test of Knowledge
65Final Krazoa Spirit
66Andross Battle
67Unlock Container
68Item Collect
71Ocean ForcePoint I (Warp)
72Ocean ForcePoint II (Warp)
73Cheat Token
74End Credits
75Fanfare (Unused)
76Area 6 (Unused)
77Mysterious (Unused)
78EarthWalker Link (Unused)
79Boss Drakor I (Unused)
80Boss Drakor II (Unused)
81Boss Drakor III (Unused)

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