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Genshin Impact - The Shimmering Voyage

Genshin Impact - The Shimmering Voyage

原神-珍珠之歌 The Shimmering Voyage
Release DateJul 19, 2021
ArtistsYu-Peng Chen
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone, PC, PlayStation 4
GamesGenshin Impact
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Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4
1What a Hopeful Voyage
2Vast and Blue
3Mesmerizing Waves
4Journey into Sweet Dreams
5Whispering Seabreeze
6Sunshine Beach
7Ariel's Footprints
8Melody of Jellyfish
9Comforting Quietude
10Old Tales Preserved
11Cautious Explorers
12In Stories of Fading Light
13Cozy Company
14Reminiscence of the Old Days
15Faraway Solicitude
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