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Star Fox Zero Original Soundtrack

Star Fox Zero Original Soundtrack

スターフォックス ゼロ
Release DateApr 22, 2016
ArtistsHiroshi Yamaguchi, Yukari Suita
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Wii U
GamesStar Fox Zero
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1Training (Part 1)
2Training (Part 2)
3Training (Part 3)
4Training (Part 4)
5Training (Part 5)
6Star Fox Zero Theme
7Main Menu
9Opening Cinematic (newly arranged from Star Fox 64)
11Crisis - Fichina
12Monumental Crisis
13Enemy Down
14Androsa Appears
15Boss A
16Mission Complete
17Mission Accomplished
18Stage Selection Screen
19Sector Alpha
20Sector Alpha - Inside the Salvadora
21Activate Security System
22Area 3 - Neighbouring Space
23Pigma Appears
24Hurry to the Colony
25Inside the Colony
26Deploy the Gyrowing
27Hurry, Star Fox
28Mobile Weapon Gigarilla
30A New Crisis
31Katt's Theme
32Heading to the Teleporter
33Asteroid Field
34Sector Beta
35Bill's Theme
36Katt's Theme (long version)
37Star Wolf's Theme
39Fortuna - Primordial Forest
40Fortuna - Dangerous Skies
41Boss B
43Peppy Survives
44Sector Gamma
45Boss C
46Sector Omega
47Interplanetary Combat Ship, Attack Carrier
48Return to Corneria
49Andross's Trap (Intro)
50Andross's Trap (Part 1)
51Andross's Trap (Part 2)
53Steadfast Heart
54Corridor of Illusion
55Dr Andross
56All Clear
57Credits Theme 1
58Credits Theme 2
59Credits Theme 3
60Player Down
61Mission Failed
62Stage Clear
63Loading Sound - Training Menu
64Title Cinematic (newly arranged from Star Fox 64)
65Corneria (from Starwing-Star Fox on SNES)
66Mission Complete (Alternate Path)
67Arcade Mode Menu
69Katt's Theme (Extended)
70The Gravmaster Appears
71Star Fox Guard Special Demo

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