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Ys VI Vocal Version: The Songs of Zemeth

Ys VI Vocal Version: The Songs of Zemeth

The Songs of Zemeth ~Ys 6 The Ark of Napishtim Vocal Version~ ザ・ソング・オブ・ゼメス イースVI ボーカルバージョン
Release DateMar 17, 2005
ArtistsFalcom Sound Team jdk, Kimitaka Kogo, Masashi "Jill" Okagaki, Yukihiro Jindo
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
GamesYs VI: The Ark of Napishtim
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1RELEASE OF THE FAR WEST OCEAN ~I'm here for you (Opening)
2Desire (Canaan Plain)
3Lapis Lazuli (Mythos Path)
4Pandora (Quatera Woods)
5Fight Your Way (Grana-Vallis Mountain)
6MIGHTY OBSTACLE ~The Wind of Zemeth (Middle Boss)
7A Smile's Whereabouts (Ending)
8Cumulus (Olha's Flute)
9Lapis Lazuli ~A Piece of the Sky~
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