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Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2

Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2

Release DateSep 10, 2004
Artists Fumie Kumatani, Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Masaru Setsumaru
ClassificationGame Soundtrack
PlatformsDreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
GamesSonic Adventure


1Mt. Red: a Symbol of Thrill ...for Red Mountain
2Jingle: Act Clear
3Red Hot Skull ...for Red Mountain
4Heartless Colleague ...Boss: E-Series Targets
5Sand Hill
6Event: Sadness
7Theme of ”TIKAL”
8Tricky Maze ...for Lost World
9Danger! Chased by Rock ...for Lost World
10Leading Lights ...for Lost World
11Event: The Past
12Event: Fanfare for ”Dr.EGGMAN”
13Tornado Scramble ...for Sky Chase
14Funky Groove Makes U Hot!? ...for Options
15Egg Carrier - A Song That Keeps Us on the Move
16ZERO The Chase-master ...Boss: Eggman Robot -ZERO-
17Skydeck A Go! Go! ...for Sky Deck
18General Offensive ...for Sky Deck
19Crazy Robo ...Boss: E-101R
20Bad Taste Aquarium ...for Hot Shelter
21Red Barrage Area ...for Hot Shelter
22Danger is Imminent
23Sweet Punch ...for Hedgehog Hammer
24Militant Missionary ...Boss: Egg Walker & Egg Viper
25Mechanical Resonance ...for Final Egg
26Crank the Heat Up!! ...for Final Egg
27Boss: CHAOS ver.6
28Calm After the Storm ...Egg Carrier -the ocean-
29Event: Unbound
30Perfect CHAOS Revival! ...Boss: Perfect CHAOS
31Event: Good-bye!
32Will You Continue?
33Open Your Heart - Main Theme of ”Sonic Adventure”
34Open Your Heart - Main Theme of ”Sonic Adventure” (Instrumental ver.)
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