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Spice and Wolf II O.S.T. ~Music from a "Happy Tale that Continues" with a Wolf~

Spice and Wolf II O.S.T. ~Music from a "Happy Tale that Continues" with a Wolf~

TVアニメーション「狼と香辛料II」O.S.T. 狼と「幸せであり続ける物語」の音楽 TV Animation "Ookami to Koushinryou II" O.S.T. Ookami to "Shiawase de ari Tsudzukeru Monogatari" no Ongaku
Release DateSep 23, 2009
ArtistsAkino Arai, Hisaaki Hogari, noe, Taro Yamashita, Yuuji Yoshino
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack, Vocal
AnimationsSpice and Wolf
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1The Honey of Dawn (TV Size)
2The Festival Begins
3And Dried Fish and Wine
4The People and the Pagan Gods
5Dance of Fire
6Good-Hearted People
7Morning in Kumerusun
9Waltz of Fertility
10Make or Break
11Don't Bury Me in the Ditch
12Mad at the Market
14Chronicles of a Young Writer
15Dancing with Wolves
16A Tiny Green Garden
17Bear Hunting Season
18Dark Plans for False Transactions
20Catching a Rat by the Tail
21Saloon Girls
22Silent Poison
23Gentle Slope
24It Remains a Happy Tale
25Paradise Lost
26The Festival Ends, But the Journey Continues
27Perfect World (TV Size)
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This album (3577) seems to be an exact duplicate of album 3333. They even seem to link to the same MEGA files. I can't be certain what happened myself, but I'd assume whoever uploaded the newer album to the site was unaware or forgot someone had already uploaded this album.