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Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] Original Soundtrack

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] Original Soundtrack

Release DateSep 1, 2015
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack, Vocal
GamesUnder Night In-Birth
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1End of Dawn -short mix- (Exe:Late [st] OP)
2Gathers Under Night... (Character Select)
3Touch & Go (vs. Demo)
4Scraper Sky High (Hyde)
5Night Walker (Linne)
6Maximize Power! (Waldstein)
7Bad Surface (Carmine)
8Purity & Strictly (Orie)
9Rushing Heart (Gordeau)
10Unseen Entities (Merkava)
11Snow Sisters (Vatista)
12Monochrome Memory (Seth)
13You Walk Like a Lily♪ (Yuzuriha)
14Overwhelm Despair (Hilda)
15Blood Drain -Again- (Eltnum)
16Erudite Eyes (Chaos)
17Cross Thought (Gordeau vs. Chaos)
18Dawn of War -Again- (Akatsuki)
19Beat Eat Nest (Byakuya)
20Gallant Girl "Sora yori Nagare, Hasiru Kaze" (Nanase)
21Sound of Night Wind (Phonon)
22Mutual Situation (Hyde vs. Seth)
23Last Sentence (Continue)
24Welcome to this Lateshow (Main Menu)
25Access Connect (Network Menu)
26Wayside Stone (Victory Demo)
27Who are you? (Intrusion)
28Traveller's Journal (Encounter 1)
29Heavy Noise (Encounter 2)
30Break Omen (Interlude)
31Agitation Signs (Prologue 1)
32Silent Moonlight (Prologue 2)
33Paradox Altar (Altar Pre-Battle)
34Good Mooning End (Ending 1)
35Evil Eyes (Ending 2)
36Good sleeping this night... (Game Over)
37heart beat breaker. (Good ED)
38crimson world that I arc (Bad ED)
39The Azure Faraway -short mix- (Nanase ED)
40Cradle in Doom -short mix- (Byakuya ED)
41Thousands in the Scarlet Darkness (Arcade Ver. OP)
42starry night prison -short mix- (PS3 Ver. Exe:Late OP)
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