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Saints Row IV The Soundtrack

Saints Row IV The Soundtrack

Release DateAug 27, 2013
ArtistsMalcolm Kirby Jr.
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
GamesSaints Row IV
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1Saints Row IV
2The Destroyer
3Northwest City
4Zero Saints Thirty
5Zin Ship Awakening
6Emperor Zinyak
7The Briefing
8Northeast City
9Hunting Mr. X
10My Saints in a Box
11The Case of Mr. X
12Northwest Drone II
13Northwest City II
14Not in Steelport Anymore
15Search for Kinzie
16Zin Battle
17The Warden Arrival
18Saints of Rage - Stage 1
19Saints of Rage - Stage 2
20Saints of Rage - Stage 3
21Matt's Text Adventure
22Downtown City
23Matt's Simulation
25Southwest Drone
26Southwest City
27Shaundi's Nightmare
28Power up C.I.D.
29Going Home Again
30King Me
31The Saints Wing I
32The Saints Wing II
33Downtown City II
35The Power of Armor
36Matt's Escape
37Southwest Drone II
38Southwest City II
39Saints Victory
40The Saints Flow
41Northeast City II
42Let's Get This Sh*t Started
43The Ultimate Badass
44Saints Row
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