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Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo Soundtrack CD-BOX

Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo Soundtrack CD-BOX

KARE*KANO SOUND TRACKS 彼氏彼女の事情 CD-BOX His and Her Circumstances CD-BOX
Release DateFeb 23, 2005
ArtistsShiro SAGISU
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack, Vocal
AnimationsHis and Her Circumstances
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Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4
1Avant Title <F-1>
2The Promise of an Angel (Full Size)
3Synopsis So Far (Shoutarou's March)
4Yukino Miyazawa I (concerto) <A-2>
5Yukino Miyazawa II (March) <A-1>
6Peaceful Days <B-15>
7Peaceful and Well <B-9>
8Friendly Rivalry <E-1>
9World in Peace <C-1>
10We Meet Only to Part <B-1>
11Soichiro Arima II <C-7>
12Soichiro Arima I <A-6>
13Into the Deram II <B-11 #5>
14The Miyazawas <C-5>
15Cart Before the Horse <B-16>
16Yukino Miyazawa III (Jazz rock) <A-4>
17Coexistence and Co-propserity <B-17>
18Yukino Miyazawa IV (Kanon) <A-5>
19Yukino Miyazawa V (Nocturne) <A7#1>
20Never Give Up <B-14>
21Into the Dream III <B-3>
22Treasure Every Meeting <A-9>
23Into the Dream (Full Size)
24Synopsis of the Next Episode <F-3>
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