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Star Fox Command Gamerip Soundtrack

Star Fox Command Gamerip Soundtrack

スターフォックス コマンドオリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateAug 28, 2006
ArtistsHajime Wakai
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo DS
GamesStar Fox Command
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Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
1Welcome To Star Fox Command
2Main Menu Select Screen
3Where Is Star Fox
4Main Headquarters
5Select Your Training
6Incoming Enemy
7Faithful Friend, ROB 64
8Training Complete
9Job Well Done
10Corneria Overworld Map
11Enemys Drawing Near (Corneria)
12Pick An Enemy (Corneria)
13Great Leader, Fox McCloud
14Enemy Missle Launch 1 (Corneria)
15Corneria Overworld Map (Version 2)
16Enemys Drawing Near Version 2 (Corneria)
17Pick An Enemy Version 2 (Corneria)
18Mr. Genius, Slippy Toad
19Enemy Missle Launch 2 (Corneria)
20Time Is Running Out
21All Enemies Defeated
22Mission Complete
23Ship Lost
24Mission Failure
25Game Over
26Fichina Overworld Map 1
27Enemys Drawing Near (Fichina)
28Pick An Enemy (Fichina)
29Enemy Missle Launch 1 (Fichina)
30Fichina Overworld Map (Version 2)
31Enemy Drawing Near Version 2 (Fichina)
32Pick An Enemy Version 2 (Fichina)
33Enemy Base Destroyed
34Boss Siren
35Boss Theme
36Incoming Boss
37Boss Defeated
38Fichina Overworld Map 2
39Enemys Drawing Near (Fichina #2)
40Pick An Enemy (Fichina#2)
41Enemy Missle Launch 1 (Fichina #2)
42Fichina Overworld Map 2 (Version 2)
43Enemys Drawing Near Version 2 (Fichina #2)
44Pick An Enemy Version 2 (Fichina #2)
45Lucy Hare, Bunny Of The Skies
46Enemy Missle Launch 2 (Fichina #2)
47Oikonny Strikes

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