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Neverwinter Nights 2 Soundtracks

Neverwinter Nights 2 Soundtracks

Release DateOct 31, 2006
ArtistsDavid Fraser, Neil Goldberg
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesNeverwinter Nights 2
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1Neverwinter City Theme
2Ammon Jerro's Theme
3West Harbor Theme
4Combat Theme, West Harbor
5West Harbor Dead Theme
6Swamp Theme
7Viliage Theme
8Sunken Flagon Theme
9Neverwinter City Interior Theme
10Ammon Jerro's First Murder
11Combat Theme, Docks District
12City Theme, Back Alley
13Combat Theme, Back Alley
14Crossroad Keep Theme
15Crossroad Keep Under Siege
16Dungeon Theme
17Githyanki Theme
18Combat Theme, Githyanki
19Ilfan Ruins Theme
20King of Shadows Theme
21Combat Theme, King of Shadows
22Stinger, Darkness Spreading
23Stinger, Githyanki
24Stinger, Lord Nasher
25Stinger, Ammon Jerro
26Stinger, Black Garius
27Stinger, Neverwinter City
28Stinger, Combat Begin
29Stinger, Combat End, Ammon Jerro
30Stinger, Combat Lose
31Stinger, Combat End Boss
32Stinger, Combat Win
33Stinger, Romance
34Stinger, Crossroad Keep Bad
35Stinger, Crossroad Keep Good
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