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Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets Soundtrack

Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets Soundtrack

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Original Video Game Soundtrack
Release DateNov 15, 2002
ArtistsJeremy Soule
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip, Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
GamesHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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rip by: Shaneos


Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
1Title Theme
2Title Theme (Alternative Mix 1)
3Title Theme (Alternative Mix 2)
4Acquire Book
5Acquire New Spell
6Arrival At The Burrow
7Avifors Spell Challenge (Remove Ectoplasm)
8Avifors Spell Challenge
9Basilisk Defeated
10Begin Spell Challenge
11Borgin & Burkes
12Clock (Ambience)
13Collect Spellotape For Ginny
14Come... Come To Me... Let Me Rip You... Let Me Tear You
15Diagon Alley
16Duelling Draco Malfoy
17Duelling Goyle
18Dumbledore's Office
19Enter Spell Challenge
20Event Jingle (Spell Challenge)
21Event Jingle (The Burrow)
22Expelliarmus Spell Challenge (Gargoyle Appears)
23Expelliarmus Spell Challenge (Part I)
24Expelliarmus Spell Challenge (Part II)
25Expelliarmus Spell Challenge (Severed Rope)
26Expelliarmus Spell Challenge Complete
27Fall Down Into The Leaky Cauldron Basement
28Fight Basilisk
29Fight Major Enemy
30Fight Minor Enemy
31Fight Whomping Willow (Part I)
32Fight Whomping Willow (Part II)
34Fred & George's Shop
35Gambol & Japes Wizarding Joke Shop
36Girl's Bathroom
37Gryffindor Common Room (Happy)
38Gryffindor Common Room
39Hedwig Theme
40Hogwarts Grounds (Daytime) (Full)
41Hogwarts Grounds (Daytime) (Short)
42Hogwarts Grounds (Night)
43Hogwarts Interior (Daytime)
44Hogwarts Interior (Happy)
45Hogwarts Interior (Neutral)
46Hogwarts Interior (Night) [With Clock]
47Hogwarts Interior (Night)
48House Points (Gryffindor Leading) (Full)
49House Points (Gryffindor Leading) (Short)
50House Points (Ravenclaw Or Hufflepuff Leading) (Short)
51House Points (Ravenclaw Or Hufflepuff Leading) (Short)
52House Points (Slytherin Leading) (Full)
53House Points (Slytherin Leading) (Short)
54Incendio Challenge
55Library Tower
56Locomortor Mortis (Leglocked)
57Quidditch (Catching Golden Snitch)
59Slytherin Dungeons
61Stealth (Caught)
62Stealth (Sneaking)
64The Burrow
65The Chamber Of Secrets
66The Forbidden Forest
67The Leaky Cauldron Basement (Part I)
68The Leaky Cauldron Basement (Part II)
69The Leaky Cauldron
70The Library (Restricted Section)
71The Library
72The Whomping Willow (Falling Log)
73The Whomping Willow (Part I)
74The Whomping Willow (Part II)
75The Whomping Willow (Part II/III)
76The Whomping Willow (Part III)
77Wandering Gytrashes (Full)
78Wandering Gytrashes (Short)
79Washing Machine Duel

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