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LittleBigPlanet 3 Gamerip Soundtrack

LittleBigPlanet 3 Gamerip Soundtrack

Release DateNov 18, 2014
ArtistsAlexis Smith, Brian D'Oliviera, Chrome Canyon, David Poore, Jim Fowler, Joe Henson, Kenneth C M Young, KOAN Sound, Mat Clark, Paul Thomson, Si Begg, The Emperor Machine, Ugress, Winifred Phillips
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
GamesLittleBigPlanet 3
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1Air Song Prev
2Air Song
3Banana Boy Prev
4Banana Boy
5Birds And Bees Prev
6Birds And Bees
7Brassic Prev
9C A For Effort Prev
10C A For Effort
11C Adventure Awaits Prev
12C Adventure Awaits
13C Beast From Lagoon Prev
14C Beast From Lagoon
15C Beneath The Tea Prev
16C Beneath The Tea
17C Bon Voyage Prev
18C Bon Voyage
19C Boss Defeat Prev
20C Boss Defeat
21C Boss Reveal Prev
22C Boss Reveal
23C Captain Puds Theme Prev
24C Captain Puds Theme Stinger Prev
25C Captain Puds Theme Stinger
26C Captain Puds Theme
27C Crash Of Titans Prev
28C Crash Of Titans
29C Dead On Arrival Prev
30C Dead On Arrival
31C E3 Intro Sting Prev
32C E3 Intro Sting
33C E3 Outro Sting Prev
34C E3 Outro Sting
35C Enter Heroes Stinger Prev
36C Enter Heroes Stinger
37C Evil Strikes Prev
38C Evil Strikes
39C Got Me An Item Prev
40C Got Me An Item
41C Hate Goodbyes Prev
42C Hate Goodbyes
43C Hero Door Prev
44C Hero Door
45C Home Sweet Home Prev
46C Home Sweet Home
47C Hurry Up Prev
48C Hurry Up
49C Infiltration Prev
50C Infiltration
51C Item Get 01 Prev
52C Item Get 01
53C Item Get 02 Prev
54C Item Get 02
55C Item Get 03
56C Item Reveal Comedy Stinger Prev
57C Item Reveal Comedy Stinger
58C Kungfu Stinger Prev
59C Kungfu Stinger
60C Little Big Ugly Prev
61C Little Big Ugly
62C Magic Reveal 01 Prev
63C Magic Reveal 01
64C Magic Reveal 02 Prev
65C Magic Reveal 02
66C Muzak Prev
67C Muzak
68C Newton Bad Stinger Prev
69C Newton Bad Stinger
70C Newton Good Stinger Prev
71C Newton Good Stinger
72C Newtons Awakening Prev
73C Newtons Awakening
74C Requiem For A Disappointment Prev
75C Requiem For A Disappointment
76C Sarcasm Prev
77C Sarcasm
78C Summer Breeze Prev
79C Summer Breeze
80C Superhero Stinger Prev
81C Superhero Stinger
82C Suspense2 Prev
83C Suspense2
84C Toggles Waltz Prev
85C Toggles Waltz
86C Wall Of Brass Prev
87C Wall Of Brass
88C Welcome To The Jumble Prev
89C Welcome To The Jumble
90C Whos There Prev
91C Whos There
92C Wonder Stinger Prev
93C Wonder Stinger
94Credits Medley
95Crime Scene Prev
96Crime Scene
97Dead Heat Prev
98Dead Heat
99Diner Jukebox
100Every Morning Prev
101Every Morning
102Field Prev
104God Russik Prev
105God Russik
106Gymnopedie Prev
108How You Like Me Now Prev
109How You Like Me Now
110I Batwing Techno Prev
111I Batwing Techno
112I Bunkum Prev
113I Bunkum
114I C Enter Heroes Prev
115I C Enter Heroes
116I Cross Control Close Encounters Prev
117I Cross Control Close Encounters
118I Cross Control Sancrispin Prev
119I Cross Control Sancrispin
120I Cross Control Treasure Prev
121I Cross Control Treasure
122I Crypts Prev
123I Crypts
124I Docking Area Prev
125I Docking Area
126I Hero Theme Prev
127I Hero Theme
128I Joker Theme Prev
129I Joker Theme
130I Justice League Prev
131I Justice League
132I Killer Frost Theme Prev
133I Killer Frost Theme
134I Lex Theme Prev
135I Lex Theme
136I Manglewood3 Prev
137I Manglewood3
138I Move Boss Prev
139I Move Boss
140I Move Interactive1 Prev
141I Move Interactive1
142I Move Interactive2 Prev
143I Move Interactive2
144I Move Interactive3 Prev
145I Move Interactive3
146I Mwboss Prev
147I Mwboss
148I Newton Prev
149I Newton
150I Nightmarebc Prev
151I Nightmarebc
152I Pod3
153I Popit Puzzle Prev
154I Popit Puzzle
155I Popit Puzzle2 Prev
156I Popit Puzzle2
157I Smooth Gardens Prev
158I Smooth Gardens
159I Stitchem Prev
160I Stitchem
161I Stitchemboss Prev
162I Stitchemboss
163I Wotf Prev
164I Wotf
165I Ziggurat Prev
166I Ziggurat
167Introvert Prev
169Luv Deluxe Prev
170Luv Deluxe
171Mr Sandman Prev
172Mr Sandman
173One Armed Bandit Prev
174One Armed Bandit
175Only Have Eyes Ext Prev
176Only Have Eyes Ext
177Photon Prev
179Pink Shoelaces Prev
180Pink Shoelaces
181Rabbit Pushing Mower Prev
182Rabbit Pushing Mower
183Race Against Sunset Prev
184Race Against Sunset
185Rodent Prev
187Rum Hee Inst Prev
188Rum Hee Inst
189So Fine Prev
190So Fine
191Sogport Song Prev
192Sogport Song
193Togens Hule Prev
194Togens Hule
195Vitium In Opere Prev
196Vitium In Opere
197We Are Enough Prev
198We Are Enough

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