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Dungeon Siege Gamerip Soundtrack

Dungeon Siege Gamerip Soundtrack

Release DateApr 5, 2002
ArtistsJeremy Soule
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
GamesDungeon Siege
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1The Intro
2The Menu Frontend
3The Maintheme
4The Farmhouse
5Path to The Crypts
6The Crypts
7The Path to Stonebridge
8The Besieged Town of Stonebridge
9The Spider Dungeon
10The Dwarven Mines
11The Rescue of Torg
13The Ice Bridge
14The Arctic Caverns
15The Subterranean river
16The Dark Forest
17The Swamp
18The Goblin Caves and their Inventor
19The Flooded Dungeon
20The Temple Ruins
21The Fortress Kroth
22The Hall of Skulls
23The Fury's Den
24The Desert Canyons
25The Nonataya
26The King - Intro
27The Castle Ehb
28The Castle Dungeons
29The Dragon Lair
30King Konreid
31The Chamber of Stars
32The Swanny
33The Lava Caverns
34The Commander Gom
35The Battle Theme
36The Boss Theme
37The Drums
38The Larch Battle
39The Medium Bridge
40The Miscellaneous Music
41The Credits

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