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MediEvil: Resurrection Gamerip Soundtrack

MediEvil: Resurrection Gamerip Soundtrack

Release DateSep 13, 2005
ArtistsAndrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsPlayStation Portable
GamesMediEvil: Resurrection
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1Intro (FMV)
2Narrator (FMV)
3Title Screen
4Land Map
5Sir Dans Crypt
7Cemetery Hill
8Hilltop Mausoleum 1
9Hilltop Mausoleum 2
10Hilltop Mausoleum 3
11Return to the Graveyard
12Gallowmere Plains
13Scarecrow Fields
14Pumpkin Gorge
15Sleeping Village
16The Asylum
17Scurvy Docks
18Haunted Ruins
19Ghost Ship
20Mini Games 1
21Mini Games 2
22Mini Games 3
23Stained Glass Demon
24Pumpkin Boss
25Flying Demonettes
26Dragon Island
27Zaroks Lair
28Hall of Heroes
29Outro (FMV)
30Medievil Resurrection (Credit Roll)

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