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Super Metroid Original Soundtrack

Super Metroid Original Soundtrack

Release DateMar 19, 1994
ArtistsKenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsSNES (Super Famicom)
GamesSuper Metroid
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Mixed, Edited, & Tagged by !!!!! (demon2warrior)


1Opening ~ Title [Super Metroid]
2Theme of Super Metroid
3Space Colony Ceres
4Samus Appearance Jingle
5Planet Zebes Surface - Crateria Arrival
6Crateria: Underground Area
7Crateria: Space Pirates Appear
8Tension 1
9Brinstar: Plant Overgrowth Area
10Brinstar: Red-Soil Swamp Area
11Tension 2
12vs. Kraid/Crocomire/Phantoon
13Item Acquistion Jingle
14Space Warrior - Samus Aran's Theme
15Wrecked Ship
16Silence ~ Continue
17Maridia: Rocky Underwater Area
18Maridia: Quicksand Underwater Area
19vs. Spore Spawn/Botwoon
20Norfair: Scorching Lava Area
21Norfair: Ancient Ruins Area
22vs. Ridley/Torizo/Draygon
23Mysterious Statue Chamber
25vs. Mother Brain
27Ending ~ Staff Roll
28Item Acquistion Jingle (Unused)
29Theme of SUPER METROID (Arrange ver.)
30Crateria ~ Space Pirates Appear (Arrange ver.)
31Space Warrior - Samus Aran's Theme (Arrange ver.)
32SUPER METROID Ending (Arrange ver.)

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